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Visitor feedback: Just bought my first PS4 from Tesco, got a good price for it £370 plus a free game. Used my Tesco vouchers and a gift card to further reduce the price. Never really use one of these before, had a quick play on my brother in law's PS4 and enjoyed it. I like the idea that its multifunctional, Bluray player and the ability to stream stuff from my computer.
On the downside, the site had been down since I purchased it, now over a week. I use a iMac computer and had to spend £18 for a programme that would let me stream to the PS3, other operating systems don't have this problem. Games are very expensive and not really worth the money, I fine pre-owned ones reasonable. Having said that I am not a avid gamer.

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Visitor feedback: I've gone and found the best of Amazon's hard to find Playstation 4 console bundle page and listed them for comparing. Prices from £339

Visitor feedback: I ordered a bundle from HMV thinking it was a collector's edition. The packs look virtually identical except for the small print I wasn't looking at. So Beware! Look out for differences between PS3 GT5 collector's edition bundle and PS3 GT5 standard edition bundle. The PS3 was the same 320GB console, only the GT5 game is not a collector's edition either. The game price difference in the two is around £20 cheaper, and the bundle cost me £294.99.
Yeah the game is amazing!
Visitor feedback: PS3 500gb console: Not the cheapest way to buy a PS3, but the 12gb delivers the same power and games, but done on a smaller storage scale. The PSN Home is not something i want, that saves hundreds of gigs worth of space. I bought a Ps3 console bundle including - Crysis 2 (PS3) and Homefront (PS3), the games play great on HD.
Visitor feedback: This article needs updating to reflect the new slim xbox (built in WI-FI, much quieter, more reliable). Also you forget to mention how poor PS Move is compared to Xbox Kinect, and the fact the Xbox is much cheaper!
Visitor feedback: Hey guys the Ps3 12gb is a great console, it is faster than a Xbox and Has more memory for less. I agree there are about 100 more games on the Xbox market but that doesn't matter. Thank u.
Visitor feedback: Just as we though the PS3 Slim had reached rock bottom, Sainsbury have come up with an excellent console price crash! They can provide us with a new PS3 Slim for £157.00, with no strings attached or false voucher offers! This one is likely to be a cheap promo and hence they will only sell a few at this price, so as quick as prices increase nearer to Xmas.
Visitor feedback: I needed a new mobile so buying a deal from the mobile warehouse meant i got a ps3 12gb free and a great android phone on monthly tick.
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